Identity Theft on a Consistant Climb! Are You Positive that You Have the Most Comprehensive Identity Restoration Service Working On Your Side?

Unfortunately rminniemccall is right. Most of the people who do commit identity theft are not apprehended. How would you feel if your identity was stolen? Vulnerable, violated? I’m sure you can think of worse words to describe this in regards to your feelings, but there is a solution!

Imagine for a minute, how much legal support you would need to have, how much time and effort it takes to restore your identity and plead with the powers that be, that you truly wasn’t responsible for accounts, or charges, or contracts that we signed or any number of things that could happen to you.

Financial identity theft isn’t the only type of theft that could occur to you. We have a solution in Legal Shield services. Kroll is the number one risk consulting firm in the world.  Not only do they provide a means to know if your identity has been stolen, but they also provide complete and total identity theft restoration, to set you back to per-theft status.  There is no other service in the World that comes close to what this company can do for you.

Sure……there is “identity theft” insurance at your bank, but guess what!!!  It DOESN’T cover you if someone steals your Social Security Number and opens an account in your name somewhere, it DOESN’T cover you if someone steals your drivers license and forges your name if they have been arrested for felony convictions.  Guess who is going to get arrested the next time you are pulled over?  You guessed it… You are!  It DOESN’T cover your child if someone steals their identity and opens accounts in their names either.

You might as well just not have coverage at all, if all you are getting is financial coverage, because there is a lot more at stake here than just your finances, your reputation, your health, your children, and computer information is also at stake, as well as hundreds of other aspects of your life you have worked so hard to protect!  Are you willing to take the risk?  I know I sure won’t, not in a million years.  After I was introduced to this coverage, I jumped on it like it was the last piece of cheese left in the refrigerator.

Had you even considered that your children may be at risk too?  Most people only consider the here and now, and most people also didn’t think it could effect their kids.  Imagine your child growing up and starting their life, only to find out that their identity has been used since they were 6.  Imagine the terrible impact that would have on their life.  Our Legal Shield service will collectively protect your children as well as you.

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